Amazing Grace

this is my first batch of my collections of #idyllicPoetry.. This batch is entitled, “Amazing Grace”, because I feel like every person’s spirits will somehow be lifted up through its graceful and heavenly tone. Read on. 🙂

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Believe in me that I’d always stay / to love and to hold you, forever and a day. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I have always loved you like a star / I have always felt that you’re beside me even when you’re far. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I think I have found the end of my destiny / ‘coz all I know is I have always loved you, beyond poetry. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Then like the sun that shines from up above, / o Lord, You surround me with Your endless love. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Just as when I found you, you brought the sunlight / just as when I loved you, you complete my whole life. #poem #idyllicPoetry

The road of life is tough and staggering / your weapon is your passion that keeps you persevering. #poem #idyllicPoetry

When you walked away, my world fell apart / like a fallen statue, mending an empty heart. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I never knew love until you smiled at me / I never knew pain until my tears flowed like eternity. #poem #idyllicPoetry

love is a wildflower that never hides / the unending water that never subsides. #poem #idyllicPoetry

God never fails to bring out the best in you / be heavenly good in everything you say and do. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I lift my heart and soul to You / o Lord, endow Your strength and love in everything I do. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I’ve always dreamt of you and me in paradise / I owe this love in your shining eyes. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Though with feeble wings, I can reach the skies above / oh Lord, I am strengthened by the power of Your Love. #poem #idyllicPoetry

So harsh life can be, I learn everytime I bleed / then I realize, it’s God that I ever need. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Life’s too short to live it regretfully / start to smile, and forget all the adversity! #poem #idyllicPoetry

O, Lord, I entrust You all my pains sufferings / and shower me with Your Love that’s everlasting. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Through God’s unfailing Love, I shall not be moved / by His saving Grace, all things are bright and good. #poem #idyllicPoetry

The Lord is the strength of my life / His Grace leads me from darkness into light. #poem #idyllicPoetry

the last leaf shall fall / and my hopes will be shattered / but I won’t give up . #haiku #idyllicPoetry

Flowers bloom radiant / I have always dreamt of you / in fool’s paradise . #haiku #idyllicPoetry

Difficult times allow us to grow / Mistakes teach us valuable lessons to know. #poem #idyllicPoetry

In God’s Hands, I found the most glorious haven / through His unending love, I’m never going to be shaken. #poem #idyllicPoetry

No matter how far apart we are / please believe that you’ll always be in my heart. #poem #idyllicPoetry

In a world of perplexities, God is always around / His will enables us to do things so wise and sound. #poem #idyllicPoetry

In your heart, I hear our secret song / and I know our love is just too strong. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I love you until the end of time / it’s sad you can’t let my music feel your rhyme. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Storms may gather, and stars may collide / still my heart forever stays by your side. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I will love you until my dying day / in your heart is where I always hope to stay. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I’m caught by surprise, when I look in your eyes / I feel the love that takes me to the highest skies. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Every feeling I have was only for you / I cherish all this ’til the sun never shines through. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Bottled up inside are the words I never said / and the feelings that I hide are the lines you’ve never read. #poem #idyllicPoetry

It hurts when there’s nothing I can do / I face the truth that I will never be with you. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Tomorrow seems so far away to let you go / ‘coz it’s the greatest love for you I always show. #poem #idyllicPoetry

God never stops falling in love with you / that sun always shines in every little good thing you do. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Maybe it’s wrong to love you more each day / knowing in my heart you’ll never stay. #poem #idyllicPoetry

It’s heavenly how you ignite the music in my heart / I wish I can sing with you for the rest of my life. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Love is when I sit with you during the sunset / when you held my hand and every single thing was perfect. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Oh, Love! When will you and I conspire? / oh, Time! When will you bring back the poet’s undying fire? #poem #idyllicPoetry

A growing shrub has yet to find the perfect light / when the sun shines upon the leaves to life. #poem #idyllicPoetry

My love shines through against the brightness of the sun / my heart’s loudest cry is, “You’re the only one.” #poem #idyllicPoetry


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