Falling Stars

Amidst the cold night of December

Are the times I always quiver

Every night, I pray you’ll be there

To cherish and be with me forever…

Yet, stars from above glare down at me,

“Oh, fool, you’re waiting for nothing.”

I say, “You don’t hold my fate. He’s all I ever wanted.

My heart. My soul. My everything.”


The stars keep glimmering across the sky,

Leaving me hopeless, so I cry.

The stars keep staring back at me,

“Oh fool, your love is never meant to be.”

I stood up the window, with a high-pitched tone,

“You’ll never know how great my love I’ve shown.”

The stars twinkle faster, “I do everything for him!”

“Even if it takes one of you, I make dim.”


Where are you now, O, love of my life?

Will you be there for me, ‘til the end of time?

Or, are you just like those stars up in the sky?

You know I can never reach… and always beg me to try.


I wish, every night, there’s a falling star

So that I could reach you, even if it travels far.

I’ll be waiting each night to make you mine.

I’ll be forever looking up the sky, with my heart full of might.


Now I wait for you to come,

While stars are shining; fading are some.

“I feel there’s no way for you to be here.

For all of my life; what the stars hope to be.”


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