A Lithany of Love

In times you’re tired and don’t want to talk,
          let me give you a cupcake and kiss you
          in your nose;
In times you had a bad day, let me
          hug you tight and tell you a
          corny joke;
In times you’re angry at something, let
          me hold your hand and kiss them.
In times you’re sad, let me embrace you
           in soul and silence.
           In every sing you hear.
           In every poem you read.
           In every show you watch.
           In every food you eat.
           In every car you drive.
           In every medicine you take.
           In every flower you smell.
           In every air you breathe.
           In every rain you feel.
           In every sky you fly.
           In every word I say.
           In every thing I do.
           In every touch I make.
           In every clothe I wear.
           In every book I keep.
           In every sunrise I see.
           In every joy I witness.
           In every hurt I endure.
           In every success I achieve.
           In every failure I learn from.
           In every mistake we make.
           In every dance we play.
           In every moment we share.
           In every sorrow we persist.
           In every trial we surpass.
           In every dream we build.
           In every bed we sleep.
           In every road we travel.
           In every story we write.
           Everything about us.
          Always have. Always will.
          Always trust. Never fear.
          Always fix. Never tear.
          Always laugh. Never grin.
          Always learn. Never fail.
          Always true. Never lies.
          Always new. Never old.
          Always real. Never fantasy.
          Always sincere. Never fake.
          Always strong. Never weak.
          Always have. Always will.
         When sun starts raining;
         When clouds start fading;
         When birds stop chirping;
         When flowers stop blooming;
         When water runs dry;
         When the moon bids goodbye;
         When stars fall down;
         When mountains crumble;
         When bamboos stumble;
         When bells stop ringing;
         When I, stop living.
You’re my light in my soul—
         Without you, I’m never whole.
         My Polaris in the sky.
         My good in goodbye.
         My lines in my song.
         My rhymes in my poem.
         My chapters in my book.
         My shelves in my nook.
         My clock on my wall.
         My rise and my downfall.
         My sand in the sea.
         My always cup of tea.
         My helium in all balloons.
         My flower in all festoons.
         My colors of the rainbow.
         My bow in my arrow.
         My heaven and earth.
         My death and my rebirth.
         My joy and my loneliness.
         My worst and my best.
         To have and to hold.
         To bear and not scold.
         To forgive and forget.
         To encourage, not fret.
         To fail and to succeed.
         To care in every need.
         To tell, and show.
         To touch and not let go.
         To sing in the sun.
         To dance in the rain.
         To play with fire.
         To conquer in ice.
         To hope, not fear.
         To clear, not smear.
         To grow in love.
         To endure in patience.
         To talk in kindness.
         To do in sincerity.
         To move forward in faith.
         To perform in honesty.
         To love, eternally.
That by this love, I shall rise and fall.
And by this love, I shall find my home.
That by this love, you are everything this world can’t be.
That by this love you shall be my were, my are, and my will be.