About This Blog

“I don’t write poetry. I AM THE POETRY.”

Since high school, I have accidentally discovered my talent in poem writing during our group activities in English. I was the one who, among the group, interestingly wrote a poem on love. never had I imagined it would be a memorable poem for everyone in the class.

from then on.. I decided to explore the mystic world of POETRY.

I used to write poems on love and heartbreak, usually in quatrains (‘coz that’s the most common structure). Back then my classmates would always ask me to write a poem for their own self, their lovelife, or anything under the sun..

then I realized, it’s a God-given talent. I explore. I cultivate. and now, I share. 🙂

‘coz even when you’re not sure where you’re heading in life, and when everything doesn’t seem to fall into their rightful places,  it only takes for you to BELIEVE.

right now, I am learning to make love with words, weave them into something meaningful and magical that will surely leave the minds and hearts of the readers memorable.

I now welcome you into a paradise where impossible dreams become possible, where jaded souls are rejuvenated, where broken hearts learn to let go, and where life seems to be ultimately perfect.

with Love and Farts,

EJ Gabriel 🙂


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