Little Tears, Hopeful Joys

hello there! this is my second batch of my #poem #idyllicPoetry collections, entitled, “Little Tears, Hopeful Joys”, which will let you reminisce all your painful relationships, yet will enliven your soul for the joyful hopes of tomorrow. Read on. :))

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How my heart longs for every part of you / how you make everything so joyful from being blue. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I may never know love until you come back / How I wish our memoirs linger forever in your heart. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Your eyes, your touch, your scent, would always be a part of me / even the world has left us a lonely ivy tree. #poem #idyllicPoetry

The world is too much with us, yet I can’t let you go / forever doesn’t suffice my heart to love you so. #poem #idyllicPoetry

It hurts to see you holding somebody else’s hands / How I long to hold you in my arms, thisp pain I can’t stand. #poem #idyllicPoetry

To be with you through eternity is my great desire / to give you my everything is my heart’s loudest cry. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I love you. . more each day that passes by / even when you’re not around, my heart slowly dies.. #poem #idyllicPoetry

All I ever wanted was to be with you forever / every enduring storm, it’s our hearts that will always weather. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I wanna fly and spread my wings / I wanna be the heron, in your heart, that forever sings. #poem #idyllicPoetry

No matter what I say or do, my heart always leads to you / every path I take leads me back home, I realize it’s true. #poem #idyllicPoetry

How it made me cry to see you smiling so happily / yet you were there, on the other side of the world to me. #poem #idyllicPoetry

How you light up my world into good things from being bad / yet I knew you’re the best love I’ve never had. #poem #idyllicPoetry

it took so long to have you in my heart / yet it took a short instance of a love torn apart. #poem #idyllicPoetry

As ivy leaves fall in their serrated edges / our memories are poems written in thousand pages. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I can’t imagine how my life would be / without you by my side, my heartbeat, my breath. #poem #idyllicPoetry

If love was a fire, I would always ignite the spark / I would light up your world amidst the dark. #poem #idyllicPoetry

You are one of the Heaven’s miracles / ignite the fire in you, let your bright lights sparkle. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Why can’t it be? It was like a fairy tale / yet you never shared to me your happy ending. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I will wait until the winter blows the quiet leaves away / my love will endure until heaven cries with rains. #poem #idyllicPoetry

My love will go on until the rainbows lose its hue / you’re the reason why in every storms, I make it through. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I never knew love until I saw your eyes / It makes my heart feel like I could reach the skies. #poem #idyllicPoetry

The road of life is an endless harsh path / it takes an eternal love to override all the world’s wrath. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I give you the best of my every thing / a burning flame in winter and a rain of gold in spring. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I will endure starvation to make you alive / To save your heart, I’d be stabbed by a thousand of knives. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Your love has made a home somewhere else. Who am I to complain? / So, this is goodbye; I have to take all of the pain. #poem #idyllicPoetry

It’s time to stay away from you / yet, in my heart soul, I know that I shall live with tears because of losing you. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I feel I can never sing that song with perfect rhythm / since you went away, life has shown me no meaning. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I wish I could turn back time, when you’re still with me / when every moment I spend with you, turns gloom into glee. #poem #idyllicPoetry

It pains me to realize we can never be together / those flowers have been frozen by the wayward winter. #poem #idyllicPoetry

I’m afraid I can never feel that summer in your eyes / my world has been engulfed by gloomy skies. #poem #idyllicPoetry

Every raindrops remind me of angels crying / every storm is note of a hope that’s fading.. #poem #idyllicPoetry


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