BLESSED: “Your BIG God comes in small packages.”

            In tough times like family problems, peer pressure, or amidst the catastrophes, or even when you’re not sure about who we are and who we want to be, we ask our self: “Where is God in the middle of all this?”

            The answer: It’s WITHIN US.

            At times we take life so seriously that we never see the brighter side of it. Sometimes we are so critical about our mother or father or even our siblings that we overlook their own potentials and attitudes; similarly, we are so eager to have so many friends who will accept us that we do not learn to be contented with the ones we already have; also, we put so much attention on our workloads and beating deadlines that we forget to go outside and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us; finally, we are so fearful about our future that we never have the chance to enjoy today… that God wants us to live our life – without fear, but with all faith – one day at a time. We may not have noticed it yet, but oftentimes, God works in “big” ways you can never imagine… and these “big” ways may come from the smallest of things we always forget to take in.

            One thing we may have been struggling on is, let’s say, financial crisis. Or, simply, we are just running out of budget. Almost all of us would have reacted in the same way: to worry about the next day, the next week, and the next month. Indeed, money has been a necessity for survival – it’s what we need to buy goods, to go to school or to our workplace and other things we need to acquire. But come to think of it, having financial instability doesn’t make you a lesser person. Why? It’s because you still find yourself waking up each day, with your family beside you to care for you; you still have friends around who continue to make you realize that you are not alone; you still have food on your plate after long hours of working; and you can still go home and have a place to sleep. Aren’t these things good enough for us to be thankful that God never leaves us? Aren’t these things enough to make us realize that life is wonderful even when we’re in troubled times? See? It’s not always about being afraid of tomorrow just because you don’t have enough money; it’s also more about having faith to face the next day, believing that God always will provide.

            Next thing all of us share in common is facing multiple calamities. Just recently, National Capital Region (NCR) and several provinces in Luzon have been gravely affected by flood due to the southwest monsoon (habagat). Some have lost their homes; some have lost their loved ones; but most of us could have lost the faith. But surely, we did not give up. It’s not about you, or me… it’s about US. It’s a call for each one, to reach one. One may have donated in cash or in kind; one may have volunteered to repack relief goods and may have gone to farther places just to lend a hand; one may have risked his life to save another person’s life; and finally, every one of us may have taken the time to just pray – for the strength, for the safety and for the faith of every Filipino. God works in every single people we meet – to bless each other even in the simplest act of helping. Amidst the floods and storms, one could have looked into the eyes of a child, and realize that the most amazing things may come from the most terrible times like this.

            We can never tell that life is perfect. However, we can always be assured that life is beautiful because of the people we care for and who care about us; of the things that make us feel grateful, whether it’s big or small; and most especially, we have God by our side. At times, God comes as the storm… but more so, He comes as the sailor. And even when everything seems to be hopeless, God still works in the smallest of things that go unnoticed. We may have felt it before, but God works within us – by the things that encourage, inspire and persuade us to be a blessing to each other. And just when you fin yourself again in a struggling situation… look up, look within and look beyond – God knows what He’s doing.