I’m walking down a lonely road,

With my heart full of heavy load…

I never knew how this would end,

Am I going to bend?


Oh, sadness! Have mercy on me!

I carry the bark of your own tree.

Oh, sadness! Get out of my sight!

I’m losing myself to find the light.


Along the way, I met a passer-by,

Whose smile had me with sly.

Together we walked and talked –

Never knowing a passion woke.


We had so many stop-overs

Your touch that makes me quiver

I love the way you hug me so tight;

Amidst the cold starry night.


Oh, how I wish we could be together

Forever until the end of this journey

Yet I doubt those smiling eyes,

For all in knew, you were just a passer-by…


I trusted you ‘til we finished walking

I loved you without you even knowing

I would follow you, the time we set apart

‘coz I believed you stole my heart.


You’re already gone; I still haven’t found the way –

In this dead road, shall I stay?

You’re already gone; still I’m in love with you.

I’d wait ‘til you come back on the morning dew.


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