Childhood Candies

The first time I see your smile,

In my heart I feel fireworks shine…

When I first listen to your cheerful voice,

I feel the heavens above us rejoice.


I never thought we’d be good friends,

Minds have met at the extreme ends.

Each day all I see is your eyes, smile and face –

Then I realize, it’s you I ever want to chase.


This young heart of mine has learned to love,

To appreciate all the things without a doubt.

The things shared together, I always treasure

Like sweet candies I never get tired of pleasure.


It pains me ‘coz life is unfair.

When I’m getting serious while you’re enjoying the fair.

You’ll never know of my love for you.

I wish loving you was only like getting home works through and through.


With you, there are no gloomy times.

Yet, my heart gets sullen every time I met your eyes.

Those eyes I’m never going to stare at forever..

You, I’m never going to be with, forever…


How I wish love is just like chewing candies:

You pick all the flavors, leaving your lips with sweet memories…

You always will have the sweetest part of me,

Even if it means setting you free.


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