“, But You.”

When stars keep shining amidst stormy night;

When all thats left is darkness of life;

In a blink of an eye, a light shines through

No one has ever opened; no one but you.


You carve my heart in a very special way

A mountain of snow in a hot summers day

All the hardest things I ever do,

That was inspired by no one but you.


When all thats left is nothing but courage

You name it my treasure, while I own it as garbage

When days grow bigger as my dreams come true

No one has ever let me fly higher than this, but you.


To lift me up when I stumble down

To keep me humble when I stand over the ground

To remind myself of joy when everythings blue

To no one I owe it No, not one, but to you.


When times get rough, and I become a tyrant

With fire in my eyes, so I rant

Thats when forgiveness shot me right through

No one has ever caused me; no one but you.


To care for more when the journey becomes steeper

To trust for more when the road gets darker

I LOVE YOU, and this is all I ever knew

No one has ever made me feel this way

but you.

Happy 7th. 🙂