“Through Him, With Him and In Him.”

         There I was, staring at the altar while the priest was saying: “through Him, with Him and in Him, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours, Almighty Father, forever and ever..” I opened my mouth, as if to utter a response, but wait.. did I just hear it right?          

Through Him. With Him. In Him.

Those were the words that clearly swept me off my feet – not because I am a weird English teacher who dissected the words of the priest while exploring prepositions, but instead, a lonely soul who digested those words with misery and uncertainty. How could I have forgotten that God is just right there?

         “Through Him all things are possible.” How many sleepless nights do we have to go through to realize that God wants us to cherish the moment of sleeping instead of worrying for the future? How many disappointments do we have to experience to realize that God’s plans are way better than ours? Will it take millions of miracles to prove that God is always with us? I beg to disagree. Sometimes we wonder how we keep up amidst life’s plethora of moments – good, bad, successful, failing, heartbreaking, among others that life has to offer. Sometimes we realize we are so strong enough to support ourselves yet what we didn’t understand is the ultimate presence of our loving Father who has been there for all of us: through thick and thin, through thunderstorms and rainbow It is through Him that we are strengthened (Philippians 4:13). It is through Him that we gather ourselves back up in order to move forward. It is through Him that we wake up the next morning realizing that life has been just so good. It is through Him that we fail, to appreciate our weaknesses; we succeed, to celebrate our own uniqueness; we grow, to live out the purpose He has planted in our hearts; we live, to realize He has paid our sins simply because He loves us, unconditionally.

         “With Him, there’s joy and peace.”  I admit, losing both my mother and father has made me feel so bad about life. So bad that at times, I questioned God, and blamed Him for taking them away from me. So bad, that I lost my faith to move on. So bad, that I almost gave up living. But you know what’s surprising? It is also that event that made me realize that He was right there: waiting for His plans to take place simply because He loves me and my family. Simple as that may be, I realized that: in sadness, there is still joy and peace, as long as you are with God. It is with God that we experience sorrow, only to find out we are bound to feel happiness and peace again. It is with Him that we fear to move forward, only to discover how brave we become to face life again. It is with Him that we feel inferior within ourselves only to uncover our goodness and radiate love to others once again. It is with Him that we find joy and peace, whether it’s a rainy or a sunny day.

          “In Him, I always believe, hope and love.” Now, I must admit, I still forget that God is there, smiling at me while I pity myself getting disappointed because my plans didn’t work. I still forget that I have a father and mother, up there, watching over me simply because He still wants me to live my life, according to His grace and glory.

He is the reason that even when I cry, I still smile.

that when I stumble, I stand up again.

that when I feel alone, I embrace myself tighter.

that when I feel like giving up, I hope more.

that when everything goes wrong, I believe more.

that when everyone seems cold, I love more.

That in Him, life is beautiful in all different perspectives – whether you’re rich, or poor; young or old; black or white; if you live your life THROUGH, WITH and IN God, life will always be beautiful. And yes, God is reading this article, with you, right now. You might want to share your thoughts with Him? Go on, He will listen.